Hello Zero Waste Detroit Coalition members,
I am emailing to inform you about an important opportunity in ZWD’s efforts to starve the incinerator. 
Sustainable Detroit, a group of concerned citizens, is launching a city ballot initiative campaign on Monday which aims to prohibit Detroit from burning its trash and to significantly limit the amount of trash allowed to be burnt from outside Wayne Country.
Great Lakes Environmental Law Center (a ZWD member) has provided much of the legal legwork in crafting the ballot language. Sustainable Detroit plans to collect 5,000 signatures by mid-March in order to have this initiative be voted on in the August primaries, and is raising funds to do so.  Their launch will be Monday, January 18th.



This is obviously a big opportunity that supports ZWD’s goal of “starving the beast.” ZWD is hosting a meeting January 28th so that Sustainable Detroit can present on their campaign to our coalition members and so that we, ZWD members, can discuss collaboration possibilities with them. It is important we be properly informed on the ballot initiative strategy and for us to

sk clarifying questions. 




Incinerator Ballot Initiative Meeting


Thursday, Jan. 28th, 5:30pm-6:30pm


2727 Second Avenue (Conference Room TBA)


Pizza provided!


PLEASE RSVP to Melanie@zerowastedetroit.org if you are able to attend the meeting. It is important that as many of us are in the room as possible.


Thank you,

Melanie Berkowitz
Outreach and Education Coordinator
Zero Waste Detroit
2727 Second Ave., Suite 112
Detroit, MI 48201