Greeting all, Here we go again another "Hearing" for another company to increase pollution into the surrounding communites.  AK Steel is a worst polluter than Marathon.  We haven't had time to breathe and another polluter is submitting permits to pollute more into our non-attainment/polluted area.  Remember a couple years ago Gov. Snyder through his "Super PAC" influenced the MDEQ decision to award AK Steel (at the time it was Severstal formerly Ford Rouge Steel) air quality permits. They raised the threshold of pollution that they could emitted.  Severstal was in non-compliance and the MDEQ themselves called in the Department of Justice to help.  We joined a lawsuit against MDEQ and the EPA and MDEQ sold us out and settled with Severstal for $1.3 million in which the money was split with MDEQ and EPA.  Nothing went to the impacted communities.  This what they do to wear us down have back to back hearings. We have to stand up and fight for our "Right to live" unpolluted. Please review the attached materials and plan to attend this very important hearing.  Please e-blast this out and let other know.  It is February 9, 2016.  Thanks 
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I have attached the public participation documents for PTI No. 8-08B for AK Steel Dearborn Works, located at
4001 Miller Road, Dearborn, Michigan.
If you have any questions, please contact David Riddle.
Kelly DeWitt
Acting Permit Section Secretary
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Air Quality Division