District 6 residents,

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As you may know, the vote on the ‪#‎RiversidePark‬ deal was postponed untill next Tuesday, July 21, 2015 during City Council Formal Session.
I encourage you to attend our community meeting on Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 6 p.m. to provide your input on changes for a better ‪#RiversideDeal for our community. Meeting location:Repair the World, located at 2701 Bagley Ave, Detroit, MI 48216.


Estimados residentes,
Los invitamos a asitir mañana 16 de julio del 2015 a las 6 de la tarde para enterarse tanto de lo que el Concejo de la Ciudad de Detroit ha decidido con la prouesta presentada por la administración del alcalde de la Ciudad de Detroit, como para compartir sus opiniones y sugerencias con nosotros y con sus vecinos. La junta se realizará en el centro Repair the World, ubicado en la calle 2701 Bagley Ave, Detroit, 48216.

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Here is a list the top conditions I ask:  
  • If a 2nd span is constructed, the City must become part owner of the facility, similar to the public-private partnership managing the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.      
  • Do not sell Riverside Park- create an easement agreement instead, for 100 years w/ 10% of revenue generated given to the City.
  • The DIBC will enter into a legally binding community benefits agreement with the host community and the City that may include but not be limited to: training & hiring Detroiters, environmental mitigation, community investment, etc.
  • DIBC must come into compliance with the property maintenance ordinance and any City ordinance, meaning take remedial action to correct any violations with blight/zone ordinances for the City, with respect to DIBC and all of its subsidiaries.
  • DIBC will stop opposition to the Gordy Howe Bridge & drop all current litigation. 
  • DIBC will release and hold harmless the City of Detroit with respect to this Land Exchange Agreement. 
  • Remove the City’s 25 year obligation to DIBC, as delineated in section 8 of the Land Exchange Agreement.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness for the Michigan Central Train Depot prior to application for park land conversion.
  • Donate $5mill to allow for the restoration/repair of any damage done to Riverside Park and W. Jefferson & ball parks during the time DIBC illegally closed the park.
  • Allow the City and other government entities to conduct annual inspections of existing bridge & potential 2nd span.
  • The DIBC-owned warehouse building & land must be demolished and all land must meet MDEQ & EPA Environmental Standards for recreational park uses and provide the City with such environmental clearance levels. 

More information:

Read the proposed Riverside Land Exchange agreement.