The City of Detroit: Save the grass at Navin Field, site of Detroit's historic Tiger Stadium
Petition by David Mesrey

Please let the City of Detroit know that you support preserving the grass at Navin Field, site of historic Tiger Stadium

Baseball has been played on natural grass at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull since 1896. From Bennett Park to Navin Field, from Briggs Stadium to Tiger Stadium -- and to this very day, Detroit's historic field of dreams has been an inspiration to men, women, and children all across America.

Throughout the years, all the greats have played here. From Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth to Hank Greenberg and Lou Gehrig. From Jackie Robinson and Yogi Berra to Al Kaline and Willie Horton. From Reggie Jackson and Mark "The Bird" Fidrych to Alan Trammell and Sweet Lou Whitaker. 

Over the years, this historic ballpark has also played host to dozens of NFL Hall of Famers, including Jim Brown and Lem Barney, as well as Joe Louis and Nelson Mandela.

When Tiger Stadium was demolished in 2009, the field quickly fell into disrepair. This historic ballpark was soon littered with nine acres of garbage and debris, and the weeds towered 6- and 7-feet-tall in the footprint of the grandstand.

But thanks to the grass-roots efforts of the volunteer Navin Field Grounds Crew, Detroit's diamond in the rough is once again in playing condition and has become a bonafide tourist attraction in the heart of Detroit. 

While the Navin Field Grounds Crew continues to host vintage ballgames and other special events throughout the summer, the Detroit Police Athletic League is now poised to inherit the field in 2017.

Detroit PAL is a great organization doing great things for Detroit's children. But PAL wants to tear out Navin Field's natural grass and replace it with artificial turf. 

We think that would be one of the biggest errors in baseball.

Please let the City of Detroit know that you support preserving the grass at Navin Field, site of historic Tiger Stadium.

By preserving this grass, it not only honors the efforts of the Navin Field Grounds Crew, it also honors our city's history and it protects its fragile environment.

And it can help Detroit serve as a shining example to all of America that historic preservation is a critical component to a viable big city in the 21st Century.

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