As the Hannan Foundation and Presebyterian Villages of Michigan continue to  develop an implementation plan for the village network for the Midtown area... another community conversation will take place at the Hannan Foundation on April 25 at 5 pm.   
Residents from Midtown and the  surrounding neighborhoods are invited to share ideas about what is needed ...and wanted....to keep people in the community as they get older.  Some of you have already joined the conversation in previous meetings and others have expressed an interest in attending so this serves as  as a invitation and/or reminder.
I am helping facilitate the community outreach part of the project as I believe this membership  driven organization will strengthen community and support those of us who plan to stay rooted in our neighborhood for the duration!  Those developing the project need to hear from those of us who will benefit most from this type of network.  please see invitation below and come if you can.  Feel free to invite others you think may be interested.


Amy Symthe, Project Director from Presbyterian Villages and Bobby Siporin, community organizer from Hannan Foundation will be facilitating this discussion with me.  Any questions, comments ---email or call.


Community Conversation
A new organization is forming in the Midtown area to make living here even better for all ages. Sponsored by the Hannan Foundation and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, this village network  will be designed based on what is  important to you,  what you think is needed in your neighborhood  and on what it will take to keep people  living here into retirement and beyond.


Location:  Hannan Café, 4750 Woodward Ave.

Date:  April 25, 2013

Time:  5:00 pm

Please join us in the Hannan Café for a

conversation with neighborhood residents about strengthening community

and enjoy refreshments prepared by  Commonwealth Street Catering. 

Please RSVP  by April 22 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 313- 833-4959

Parking available behind the building.

Pam Halladay